Monday, September 13, 2010


Kids...really do say the darndest things! I had 4 kids absent today, leaving me with only 3 friends to hang out with. When you're not constantly battling behaviors and correcting students on a regular basis, you actually have time to talk to kids or listen to conversations they are having with classmates themselves.

Convo with little miss diva, or little miss drama queen...

Lil Miss Diva: I have a lot of motto's.
Me: Motto's or models?
Lil Miss Diva: Motto's. Words to live by.
Me: Really? Like what?
Lil Miss Diva: Never, ever trust a talking cat.

Overheard.. and it should be noted that this little guy wasn't talking to anyone in particular. Just himself.

Wow! This glue stick is purple, but when it melts it disappears. I can't even see it! It's like an imaginary friend. You know it's there, but you just...can't...see... it. We'll call it Imaginary Glue Friend. We'll be best friends forever. Forever. You and me, Mr. Imaginary Glue Friend.

That's how I spend my days. Talking about talking cats and imaginary glue friends. Oi vey.


Lil' Woman said...

Lol....and no you never trust a talking cat :)