Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

After Ashley questioned my whereabouts, I'm back. Just for her. Hopefully she played along, too.

And here's what I wore this week...

gray ruffled top~ The Limited
black trousers~ The Limited
gray peep toe flats~ Tarjay

This shirt is one of my favorites on those days when I'm feeling a little chubby and/or lazy. It's so comfortable and it hides the muffin top. Always important.

teal cardigan~ Limited
black bow~off of another cardigan
gray trousers~ Limited
black pointed toe kitten heels~ Tarjay (and never again will I wear those to work!)

gray flower cardigan~ Old Navy
black trousers~ Ann Taylor (I promise these were each a different pair)
gray peep toe flats~ Tarjay

black ruffled top~ Limited
black/white vest~ Limited
black trousers~ Marshall's
red peep toe bow flats~ Tarjay (these are one of my favs!)

pink argyle cardigan~ Tarjay
gray trousers~ Ann Taylor (I think I need a smaller size in these.. yay!)
black pointy toe flats~ Tarjay

Do you see little miss Zoey peeking into the picture? Love.

Moral of the story again? Apparently all I wear is Tarjay and Limited. And, a lot of black or gray.That doesn't surprise me, my dad often comments on how all I wear is black. Yes, a man who notices clothing. Not sure how that happened. I'm also noticing my addiction to cardigans.

What did YOU wear this week?


Ashley said...

haha good girl! Of course I played! I posted mine earlier today :)

Ann said...

love pink and argyle, and together is a bonus! cute!

littledaisymay said...

Cute outfits! I wear way too many cardigans and black pants too!

Mitz said...

Love your outfits, I miss getting all dressy like. Very cute sweaters!

Dana at StrawberryTart! said...

Cute outifts! I need to got to the limited.

Anonymous said...

Love the pink argyle!