Saturday, September 18, 2010


1. What kind of hair(color/cut) have you always wanted but never had the nerve to do it?

I've always wanted brunette hair. I love brunette's with light eyes and fair skin (which I possess, duh!). Every time I go to the salon to get it done, the stylists talk me out of it. They say my skin is perfect for blonde. I would LOVE to go brunette with a cute bob or long curls.

2. If you haven't been/or could do it over, where would/did you go on your honeymoon?
Well.. the ex and I didn't have a honeymoon, as we were married in Aruba. So it served as our wedding/honeymoon that happened to include our closest family and friends. I'm still pro-marriage (as long as it's the right person, duh!) so I'm hoping to get a do over. I would LOVE to go to Greece or any Caribbean island.
3. What is your dream car?
If we're being realistic, I'd love a Jetta. If we're talking true dream car, I'd love nothing more than to rock a 1964 1/2 Red Mustang Convertible.

4. If you would move anywhere in the world where would you go?
Germany. I LOVED living there before and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Except this time I'd live off post and within walking distance to a quaint little downtown.

5. What famous lady would you love to be or be bff with?

I'd have to go with Jennifer Aniston. She seems so chill and down to earth. Plus, she's super adorable.

6. What colors did you do or do you want to do for your wedding?
Black/hot pink. The ladies wore black dresses with pink flowers and the men wore black tuxes with hot pink vests/ties.

7. What trashy reality show are you embarrassingly addicted to?
Which one? All of them. I love me some reality shows. Bring on The Bachelor/ette, Bachelor Pad, Real World, any of the Real World Challenges, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and many more.

8. Do you you remember your first kiss? How old were you and how awkward was it?
I honestly cannot remember. It obviously was pretty lame.

9. What is your guilty pleasure?
Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper chips. Mmmmmmmm!
10. What is your favorite chick flick?

I despise watching movies more than once, but I do love me some Sweet Home Alabama and Pretty Woman.

11. What is your favorite beverage?

Alcoholic? A nice glass of white wine, preferably a Riesling or pinot grigio.
Non Alcoholic? Diet Pepsi or water with lemon.
12. What is your theme song?

Definitely something by Britney Spears. Probably "Oops! I Did it Again!" but not like the lyrics go. Mainly because I'm constantly doing something I shouldn't.

13. Who is your style icon?

Jennifer Aniston. I love how she rocks classic with a twist.

14. When was the last time you cried and why?
Yesterday. I have a lot going on and I was just super-stressed. Maryland BFF is pregnant and hormonal, so she was crying too. I'm a fan of crying to release your feelings. It's amazing how a good cry can actually make you feel better.

15. What playlist/cd is on your CD player/iPod right now?

I'm totally rocking out to Jack Johnson. Ironically, I knew nothing about him until someone posted a video a few weeks ago. Basically, I heart him now.

16. What is your favorite dessert?
Turtle Cheesecake, dripping in caramel. Mmmm.

I tag...
Lil Woman
Little Daisy May
and anyone else who wants to play!


littledaisymay said...

Thanks for the tag! I love some reality TV too :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Emily said...

hey girlie....i totally made you rock out to jack johnson in your truck this summer. remember the pool/red wine day? haha...sorry for the grammatical errors this is being typed on my phone and i am not sure how to type capitols :( love ya

Lil' Woman said...

Thanks for the tag.....I am a reality junkie too....Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, heck the trashier the better.