Monday, September 20, 2010


Just a few random thoughts this evening.

Little Old Man: You know what? If you looked up w w w . your school sucks . com, your picture would show up!
Me: Huh?
Little Old Man: Yeah! Your picture would show up because you make this school suck. 
Me: I can tell you're pretty angry, buddy. What is this all about?
Little Old Man: You let HIM sit by you!

Apparently I suck because I let another kid sit by me. Wow.

And.. I can't even believe I'm admitting this to you all. I've been sucked in. Bitten by a certain series. (Do you get the pun?!) Yes, Stephanie Meyer has made me a convert. I swore I'd never fall for these books. Vampires? Psh. Yeah right. And then, I made a promise to the cuz. I promised her I'd read just one. She promised if I hated it, I had every right to make fun of her, but I couldn't make fun of anyone if I hadn't read them myself. Then it happened. I began reading and now I can't stop.

I read the first one in a week (it only took that long because I actually had things to do, like work). I'm now really angry that I have to wait until tomorrow to get "New Moon".

Sigh. Life is tough.


Lil' Woman said...

Those kids love you...and obviously are very particular about who you sit