Monday, January 24, 2011


I ordered a book from an amazon vendor and the book was described to be in very good condition. I took this to mean that it was, literally, in very good condition.

Upon receipt of the book I realized the edges were tattered and there was highlighting throughout. Am I just being too OCD or do you think I was misled? I don't normally complain, but I'm a little neurotic about the highlighting-- I don't mind it if I do it, or if it's neat, but this is different colored, and very sloppy. I did save about 50% by buying through this seller, but I just feel like I got duped. Thoughts?

I don't want to leave negative feedback, but very good to mean means little use and no highlighting. I would have said it was in good condition AND noted the highlighting.



...this girl's life... said...

Ugh yeah, you got duped! There definitely should have been a note about the highlighting. And the tattered edges alone should have dropped it down to good or fair condition. Leave negative feedback, definitely. Is it a book you'll use multiple times? Send it back if it is!! That would be annoying!

Kristi said...

DEFINITELY duped. Highlighting does not = VG condition. Get yo' money back!