Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh those kids I teach? They're pretty dah-ling..

You know I teach the naughty little ones. Empathy, compassion, and positive thinking are replaced by anger, jealousy, and horrible manners.

Unless someone took my kids and replaced them with decent human beings. Because last week and this week, they've been truly enjoyable. They have such wonderful souls.

One of our vocab words was wistful. I explained what it meant and we moved on. Later on in the day, a little one raises her hand and said, "Ms. L, do you ever feel wistful about your dad? You know, sad because things aren't the same?"

Tears. Instantly.

Later on, another friend was talking about how God is a spirit (this was during recess, I did not start this convo so I was letting it go until I got brought into it) and then I had to walk out to go potty. Apparently the little man had a friend who disagreed, so he said to her, "You know, God is a spirit. And so are dead people. That's how come Ms. L's dad is watching over her. Just like my Grandma. Do you think my Grandma and Ms. L's dad can meet in heaven? Then they can watch over both of us at the same time."

Holy-moly! When my IA told me that.. I lost it, again.

Basically, I'm a blubbering mess these days. Those kids will do it to you.