Monday, January 10, 2011

Home, Home on the Range...

..."Where the deer and the antelope play..."

Yeah. Those deer. They're the problem. Seems Mommy was in a run in with a big guy December 30th (yes, one day before the year of hell was to be over..) and did some major damage to the vehicle and her nerves.

Fast forward to this evening. Please keep in mind I live in Metro-DC. We're talking TONS of people, cars, etc. As I was merging on to I-95, there was a deer in the middle of the on ramp. I swerved to avoid him and almost crash right into his little, er, big friend. I was able to avoid them both, but it sure did do a number on my nerves. We're talking deep-breaths-Lori-or-you'll-drive-off-the-road-because-of-a-panic-attack nerves.

I'm just not understanding the karma around all of this. I'm a decent human being. Sometimes I forget to take books back on time, but I pay my fines. I work with underprivileged children. I teach for god's sake. That has to be one notch on the "Get into heaven free" card, right?

And so it goes. Life just ain't fair.