Monday, January 3, 2011


Looking at my January calendar and it appears that I will be out at least one day each week for a meeting, doctor's appointment, or a school holiday. Except the last week.
Seriously. How cool is this?
This week? Only 4 days of teaching.
Next week? 4.5 days of teaching.
The following week? 3 days of teaching. And they are all early dismissal days.
The last week? 2 professional development days, so 3 days of teaching.
That means only 13.5 days of teaching this month. Boo yah!
I'm pretty sure my principal is going to think I'm a slacker. Except she signed me up for these meetings, so I suppose she knows better.
I love my job.


Jamie said...

Nice! Being a teacher does have its perks :)