Thursday, July 31, 2008


Possible cure for grouchiness? Trader Joe's Salsa Tortilla Chips. They are a mix of Dorito's and chips 'n salsa. A delicious mix at that!

I'm not cured from my grump stage, but a phone call from a friend from college, the chips, and the phone call saying my glasses and contacts are in, all seem to help.

One thing that doesn't help? All the freakin' money I owe my mother. I hate being in debt to her. I suppose it's better than having to owe the bank because they charge interest. But the thought that I owe her really makes me cringe, probably more than the thought if interest.

Back to eating my weight in Trader Joe's Salsa Tortilla Chips.


Ashley said...

ps.. what's the thing that's going on with your ticker?

Jessica said...

Garden Salsa Sun Chips also fulfill this ... they freaking ROCK.

Sue said...

The good news is that your mother is not likely to send Guido after you to collect any debts!!! And remember me, I used to owe $$ to the Bank of Gram pretty frequently while you kids were growing up.

Love ya, MOM (not Guido!)