Saturday, September 6, 2008

50th Post!

Wow.. hard to believe, but today is my 50th post! I'm not really sure how I had so much to say..

Well, where has time gone? School started and I'm just super-busy right now. Not that it's my excuse for not blogging.. it's my excuse for no material. Seriously, I used to have thoughts about which crazy thing that happened in my day I would talk about. Now it's more of a... what on earth will I talk about?

Today we headed over to a wine and beer tasting at one of the local liquor stores. It was really fun. The wine was great, the beer was awesome, and the food? Simply divine. We're talking bruschetta and fried ravioli. The ravioli? My personal favorite. Delish.

Since I haven't been home in four weeks, I'm hoping hubby will agree to a night in with a movie or two and one of the bottles of wine we bought. Maybe even two? Bottles of wine, not movies. If you know me in real life, you'll know I fall asleep during movies. I definitely can't manage two movies in one night.

Here's to hoping the next few weeks will provide me with great content for the blog. I'd hate to lose readers (are there any of you out there?) because my life was... gasp!.. boring!