Monday, September 22, 2008

Google Reader

I had a few comments a few posts back (when I was feeling sorry for myself about not having any readers...) and there were a few people who didn't know what google reader is. Let me explain.

If you have gmail, which I know you do because you commented on here and you are not a blogger. Google Reader is a program that allows you to follow blogs and be alerted when the blogs you are reading have been updated.

At the top of your gmail account, it says something to the effect of calendar, documents, photos, reader, etc. If you click on reader, it will allow you to set it up. It's super easy. Once you do that, any website you go to that has an rss feed (a little orange sign on the top right corner will easily let you know if it has an rss feed) and you can click on it to add it to your google reader.

Or, if this wasn't helpful... just go google it.


Ashley said...

FYI.. incase you didn't see it...

There isn't a pink behavior..

the pink just says..

Grade: 2
Is my Behavior A-Okay?

A-Okay is our tragic motto.

Ashley said...