Friday, September 12, 2008

Science 101...

Yesterday during a particularly fun science lesson, we discussed the five senses. I introduced hearing and we all named something we could hear. I introduced touching and we talked about things we could touch. I came upon smell and asked the kids what types of things we could smell. I shared that when I go outside on a nice summer day, I love to smell the flowers. I went around the group. This is what my little first and second graders can smell:

Kid #1: I can smell Johnny (who does, on occasion, smell).
Me: Oh, you can smell that he took a bath today. Very nice.
Kid #2 (Johnny): I didn't take a bath today. (um, now we know why you smell)
Me: Oh, okay. Please tell us something you can smell.
Kid #2: Me. I can smell me.
Me: (In my head, Oh dear god..) Great. You can smell the detergent your mom washed your clothes in.
Kid #3: I can smell moke.
Me: Pardon?
Kid #3: moke... moke..
(makes smoking motions with his hand...)
Me: Oh.. smoke. Like when a fire is burning and you can smell the smoke from it.
Kid #3: No... when my mom smokes!
Me: Um.. uh... uh... okay. Yes, we can smell smoke. That's not a good smell, is it?
Kid #4: I can smell you!
Me: Um.. yes, my perfume.
Kid #4: No, your hair.
(How on earth does he get that close to me to smell my hair!)
Me: Oh, well I'm glad I smell good.
Kid #5: I smell weed.
Me: Excuse me?
Kid #5: Weed. You know, weed.
(makes same smoking motion kid #3 did...)
Me: I think that's enough sharing about things we can smell.

Seriously? Now you know why I love my job.