Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yup, that's me.

Today I made the brave decision to give blood. I've only done it once before and I'm scared crazy when it comes to needles and my own blood. I can handle anyone else's blood... just not my own. I was so proud of myself when I watched the woman prick me AND I took a look to see where all that blood was going. I was pretty darn proud.

This is where the loser part comes in...

I stand up and make a joke that the comfy seats are just so hard to get out of. I walk to the canteen and BAM! fell to the floor, only to feel like I was going to vomit all over the lady's shoes. They rushed me to the gurney looking thing and tell me to lay down while they place ice cold paper towels on my head and neck. They then close the curtain and bring me a barf bag. Sweet.

Fast forward about 5 minutes and I'm feeling better. I sit up and make my way back to the seat I was supposed to sit in. It hits again, I'm going to pass out or vomit. I'm rushed back to the gurney. After about 20 minutes, I feel MUCH better and am actually able to sit up and eat something.

Damn. I was so proud of myself, too! That's what I get for not eating a huge breakfast before I gave blood. Next time, I promise.

So.. next time you're donating blood and you see someone who doesn't look well, don't laugh. It could be me.