Friday, June 12, 2009


Thanks to Kristi, I headed to the chiropractor today for the headache problem.

Prior to my appointment, I spent a good four hours worrying about whether or not the doctor would paralyze me. Honestly. I had to google "paralyzed by chiropractor" to be certain.

After he adjusted my neck and back, I feel awesome. I feel like a million bucks now. And the best part? My homework is to relax my beck by laying down with a rolled up towel supporting my neck. I'm thinking it's a totally good excuse to be extremely lazy. "Sorry, hubby.. I can't do the dishes, the doctor said I had to relax!"

No more headache AND school is out.. what a wonderful day!


Lil' Woman said...

Congrats girl, glad your feeling better! :)

Kristi said...

Girlfriend, I will nevah, evah lead you astry. 'Specially when it comes to Chiropractic :)

So, so glad you are feeling better!

Kristi said...

...and by 'astry' I obviously mean 'astray.' ;)

David and Kelli said...

So deliciously true. I had headaches for the past oh, eight years or so, and now that I visit the best chiro in the WORLD (compliments of Kristi), headache free! Hmm...Kristi, you should get some sort of commission from Dr. Noomie, now that I think of it...

-Kristi's sister