Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dancin' Shoes..

Today I had a little one with a bad case of the wiggles. We had to shake our wiggles out like five times (a shaking song for the little ones. they love it and honestly think it gets their wiggles out.) and even then, I was not sure he shook nearly enough. I was about ready to shake him or something when all of a sudden he stops dead in his tracks...

Kid: (pushes down on his shoe and begins dancing) Mrs. L! I have on my dancin' shoes!
Me: Your dancing shoes?
Kid: Yeah, these are my dancin' shoes.. look at me break it down!
Me: Wow, those are some pretty sweet moves.
Kid: Yeah, I love my dancin' shoes. (then proceeds to turn them "off" by pushing down his shoe) I wish I could turn them on all the time. Do you want me to push the button to make them my singing shoes?
Substitute: What about the quiet button? Can you push that one?

Well said, sub.. well said.

Don't think I didn't already ask him politely to never wear his dancing shoes again.

And.. in case I didn't have enough dance moves today, one of the older kids on the playground asks me if I know how to do the stanky leg (mom, it's a dance move). I politely tell him no and then ask him to show it to me. That turned into watching 7 kids do the stanky leg. The same sub walks up and says, "Ask Mrs. L to do it for you"

Dude.. you're 1-1 now. We'll see if I ever call you to sub again. And if you're wondering, I did do the stanky leg and it's a ridiculous dance that requires NO talent if this white girl can do it.


Ashley said...

I'm thinking Mrs. Guru's comment was a mistake. As far as I know, my daddy-o is safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. That's flippin' hilarious!