Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, Funday?

In order to clean and update my living room, I had to bribe the dogs. They didn't seem to mind the bribery. In fact, I think they rather enjoyed it.

Isn't Big Dog simply adorable?
Look at that Little Dog and her cute face. Yes, the bone is bigger than she is.

Ashley, this photo is for you. You said you wanted to see my house. Here's part one. (Yes, I know there is junk in the baskets, but it's the only way hubby and I can co-exist) I'll continue with the rest of the house as soon as the summer begins and I can really clean/organize. AND, I'm waiting for my monogram decals I ordered off Etsy for the bathroom-- thanks for the idea! :)


Ashley said...

Oh Sweet! Which monogram did you get.. do tell! Email me, I may need to steal the idea. =]

Lil' Woman said...

Cute dogs and living room! :)