Wednesday, June 17, 2009

True Love

I know I married my soul mate. Allow me to explain...

My mother and I have this wonderful attitude about shopping- basically, if we can justify it.. we needed it. We also have a theory about parking spots- if you park close, you're meant to get a lot of things because you don't have to carry it as far. However, if you park far away, you're meant to get a lot of things because you had to park far away & it just isn't fair.

Hubby hasn't always agreed with this philosophy. However, he finally saw the light.

Yesterday, puppies stepped in poo and tracked it in the house and onto our sheets and bedspread. One might think, "Ugh. I'll just bleach it and all will be well." Well.. I had a hard time thinking that. I could only think about sleeping in poo stained sheets and I knew it wouldn't be good. So, I bit the bullet and went to Home Goods to grab some new sheets (to replace the others I would be throwing away, of course) and a new bedspread- both bright white so I can bleach them if the dogs get dirt or something spills. I was a little worried about what hubby would say.

Fear not! He totally agreed with me and even stated he would never sleep on sheets that had poo on them at one time.

I love that man. For more reasons than justifying a shopping spree, of course. But that was the icing on the cake. AND he let me change my flight to go home a day earlier. I think he likes me!


DocE said...

This is a great story, I have these moments with my husband too - where I think "Wow, I really nailed it!". And I wouldn't sleep on poo-sheets either! :)

MLG said...

Oh, how we are meant to be twins! I have that same philosophy and Mr. Molly Lou tends to side the opposite. Love this post!

Hope you love your new sheets!

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez! Yeah, I don't think I could get over the fact they had poo on them, either.