Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Really Happy Hour..

I went out to a happy hour with Ashley over at Ashley's Antics. We had a TOTAL blast. But a word of caution, ladies: if you ever head out with her, be prepared to make bad choices. We're talking two glasses of wine and having to spend an hour and a half in Marshall's in order to let the little buzz wear off.

Oh, and.. shopping in Marshall's after you've had two glasses of wine.. let's just say your judgement is a little off and any filter you had to keep you from making fun of an outfit? It's gone out the window.

Also, Ashley has a difficult time reading. She can't tell the men's room from the ladies' room. As in, she walked IN to the guys' bathroom only to find a man talking on the phone on the pot. She immediately walked out. We laughed a long time about that one.

And... she'll put a big, fat, mu mu in your clothes to try on and then giggle endlessly while you're trying clothes on. Then plead ignorance when you call her out on it.

As we were leaving, we vowed never to let 7 months pass without seeing each other. I seriously love this girl AND she now lives like 15 minutes closer and only 5 away from my school--- yay!


Ashley said...

haha I love this! I had so much fun! =]

LuLu said...

So funny!! I call it an SUI...Shopping Under the Influence...I get those alot while perusing the internet after a glass or two of wine:)