Friday, September 25, 2009

He Knows Me Sooooo Well...

I have been hearing noises in the vents this evening. Of course I forgot to ask hubby about it before he left. So I called him.

Me: There are noises coming from the vent.

Hubby: Is it the air?

Me: Um... no... the air is coming out but noises are, too. Like weird noises. Like an animal or something.

Hubby: Go upstairs. The dogs are there, they will take care of it if it's an animal or something.

Two reasons this is a pretty normal conversation: 1) Never put it past me to not notice the obvious (in this case: the air) and 2) I don't like anything involving critters of any kind.

I'm really glad he thought the dogs would take care of it...


Lil' Woman said...

Not Mia, I don't think Mia would protect me for anything.

Marissa said...


Kristi said...

"Is it the air?"

Kills. Me.

Totally something JVW would ask me. :)

LawGirl said...

I hate critters too, I never investigate weird noises just in case they involve critters.

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