Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The One Where She Whines...

**WARNING: Whining to follow!**

I am annoyed with...

  • being an adult and having responsibilities.
  • students who repeatedly refuse to follow directions.
  • having an IEP meeting tomorrow.
  • having to tell a parent that their child is not doing well, despite what they may think about their "angel".
  • deadlines, observations, professional development, and meetings.

However, I am loving...

  • kids who insist on giving me hugs (even though I may not want them at the time..)
  • kids who apologize for not following directions and sincerely mean it.
  • Wednesday night television- hello ANTM, Modern Family, and Cougar Town. I heart you.
  • my supportive family.
  • a puppy who always wants to cuddle.

Thanks for letting me whine.


Elizabeth said...

I'm loving Modern Family!!

Scott said...

Man vs Food on on Wedneday channel...must see TV

Lil' Woman said...

Sorry for you annoying stuff but cuddly puppies and Modern Family is a plus! :)