Thursday, September 24, 2009


Actual 7 year old writing project, which included stickers of a broomstick, ghost, and pumpkin.

The pumkin haz a scard fas.
(The pumpkin has a scared face.)
The gost sayz boo to skayr pepul but not me.
(The ghost says boo to scare people but not me.)
A wich flis on her broom wif nitrus.
(A witch flies on her broom with nitrous.)
Mrs. L flis on her broom wif owt nitrus.
(Mrs. L flies on her broom without nitrous.

I, of course, had to ask what nitrous is. Apparently it's NOS, the stuff you put in cars to make them go really fast. Because doesn't every broomstick have NOS? Of course.

Another group of kids was "reading" together. One turns to the other and says.. "Dude! You stink!" the (stinky one) turns and says, "Don't you know.. you smelled it, you dealt it! That means YOU stink!" and a fit of laughter erupted.

No wonder I have issues dealing with "bathroom humor", I hear it all day long. Bathroom humor is the only humor first graders have.

I was also asked what a pimp hand is. And, in our science lesson we were using our observation skills to figure out what objects were in the mystery containers. I had to write, "two tiny balls" and "big balls" on the overhead. I also may have repeated a child when he said fart. I then said fart two times after that. It's a wonder I get anything done in my classroom. I feel like all I talked about today was tooting and balls of all shapes and sizes.

Me immature? Yup.

I may have also had a kid eat a marker AND crayon today. I love my job.


Lori's Mom said...

And add today's classroom lessons to earlier in the week when you had a kiddo define "nookie" for you. That means that this week your lovlies have learned about sex, farts, and balls . . . is that all a part of your curriculum?

But as one of your blog readers, I cheer those little ones on for more great stories!! Reading about their adventures with the most beautiful-est Mrs. L often makes my day!

Lil' Woman said...

lol..I love reading your teacher stories, they crack me up! :)