Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh, yeah..

Just thought of something that I was thinking I might not mention, but then thought I should mention it because then you all would hold me responsible. But, now I'm having second thoughts because, well, this snow is putting a damper on my thoughts of getting out of the house anytime soon, let alone to the darn gym.

Okay. I'm just going to do it. As long as you promise not to judge me if it doesn't work out and my fat butt doesn't make it across the finish line.

I'm going to register for a triathalon and then I'm going to train for it and then I'm going to complete it. You read that correctly, a triathalon. As in, swim, bike, run. You know, those crazy things people do for fun? Fourth grade spelling bee champion friend Jessica (I might hate her in approximately 28 weeks, so remind me then that I referred to her as a friend, mmmkay?) convinced me to do this with her. She tricked me into it, I think. Or, I was going stir-crazy from the snow. Regardless, I agreed I'd do this with her.

So, come August 28th, I'll be waking up early, donning a bathing suit (gasp!), grabbing my tennies (tennis shoes=running shoes for those of you not from the land of tennis shoes meaning running shoes), and getting the bike ready to complete my first triathalon.

Here's where you come in.. any other triathletes out there who have some advice? Any advice would be welcome. If you're not a triathlete and you live in Michigan, come cheer us on- we'll need your cheers to cross the finish line. And, if you can't contribute any advice or cheers, keep asking me how my training is coming. If I snap at you, don't take it personally, I'm probably just grouchy from running. Running is the devil, you know.


Jenny said...

A full length triathlon? Wow!

I started doing sprint triathlons a couple of years ago and I actually love it. Before my first one I trained 4 or 5 days a week (I can't seem to manage more with two little kids). In the couple of weeks before the race I did a few days of practicing transitions (actually trying to swim and then bike or bike and then run). Supposedly the transition from biking to running is the dangerous one. You can really hurt your legs making that transition if you aren't careful. I haven't been too worried about it because I don't make my transitions fast enough to matter!

Good luck!

Kristi said...

Sadistic. For realz.

In other news, I also compete in triathlons...does sitting on the couch (1), eating Cheezits (2) and flipping through TV stations (3) count? Hmph, no? Rats.

Good luck in your training!! Any chance the finish line is somewhere in SE MI? Perhaps AJ and I will stalk...er...come to meet you!! :) We will, of course, have noisemakers. Natch.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I give you props for at least attempting to do this. My co-workers are trying to get me to do a 5K (walking) and I am freaked out about it. I am not an athletic person...or an active person at that. I guess that I better start training too! Good luck! Can't wait to see updates.

Nat said...

Yay way to go!! My friend starting do them about a year ago and let me tell you she is in the best shape of her life and loves them now! Can't wait to see your progress!