Monday, February 22, 2010

The Ant with Feelings??

We read a story today about an ant who continued to try different things to reach his goal of touching the sky. During the story we talked about courage and perserverence. At one point I asked, "How do you think the ant feels right now?" In most classrooms, I'm sure you'd get a wide range of answers pertaining to human feelings. In my class? "Um, Ms. L.. it's an ant. Ants don't got no feelings."

It, of course, led to a discussion about ants and if they had feelings or not. And if ants understood English because if they didn't understand English, then they wouldn't know what happy meant.

I then had to rephrase the questions. If you were the ant, how would you feel? Once again, I was reminded of how silly this question was because, "If I were the ant, I'd be too big to climb a dandelion!"

Tomorrow? We're reading about how animals move. No more animals with feelings.


Seasoned with Words said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm no longer Socially Conscious Darling. I'm now Seasoned with Words. Not sure if you need to update your google reader so you can see my new posts. :)