Monday, February 15, 2010

Pillow Talk

Over the weekend, I pumped out these charming pillows for a girlfriend's nursery. (Speaking of girlfriends, who else uses this term for their gal pals? Apparently no one in Southwest Michigan refers to their friends as girlfriends. Did I pick this up hanging out in Maryland? Hmm...)


Those bad boys? I made them myself. I'm pretty much a domestic goddess, actually. And? They were made without a pattern. Of course, Mommy helped with some measurements because I have the mathematical skills of a 3rd grader have difficulty figuring those things out. But I'd say we did a pretty bang up job! I'll be sure and snap some pictures once they are placed in the nursery. 

And, because I'm so excited to see this face tonight, I thought I'd throw her on here, too.

That's my little monster cuddling on Gram's couch. You may remember that dogs aren't allowed on Gram's couch, except my little Schmoopy. And yes, her nickname from me is Schmoopy... don't you dare judge.  


Lil' Woman said...

I say girlfriends when refering to my girls. And great job on the pillows ,they look awesome!

Allison said...


Sherrie said...

I'm from WI and say girlfriends. ;)