Tuesday, February 2, 2010


During an educational informational insightful conversation with a few co-workers (one social worker and one fellow male teacher) we were discussing the luxuries of spanx. Spanx? World's best invention, after the internet of course, has to be Spanx. I mean, they hug in all the right places and make the buldges disappear.

Male co-worker hadn't ever heard of Spanx. I suppose that's completely normal, as he is single and probably doesn't hang out with lots of ladies getting ready for big events. After a detailed conversation about Spanx, he sheepishly asked us ladies, "Do they make these for men?" We, of course, laughed and laughed. And then? We had a brilliant idea.


Spanx for men.



Kristi said...

Not joking - I just discovered something better...Flexess "Fat Free Dressing" tanks: http://www.herroom.com/Flexees-3266-Fat-Free-Dressing-Tank-Top.shtml

Holy moly they are the best! And it's as comfy as wearing a tank top - and they don't ride up because of the long length.

I mean...not that I need another reason to not work out, but it helps. :)

Stephanie said...

Love it!

Lil' Woman said...

That would be hilarious!