Thursday, February 25, 2010


Conversation overheard today...

Lil' Dude: Yeah.. we can totally play with balls when it's outdoor recess. This is the coolest school ever.
New Lil' Dude: Ha! You said balls.
Lil' Dude: So?
New Lil' Dude: Balls. You know. Balls. Like...
Lil' Dude: Um, we don't use that language in school. You can go back to your old school now. (This from the kid who always uses inappropriate language in the classroom...)
New Lil' Dude: No! I like this school. My teacher? She's the hottest chick, like, ever. And, she be always telling us how good we are and gives us tickets and we can buy things with those tickets and, and, and....
Lil' Dude: Fine. You can stay. Just stop talkin' about it, ok. And don't call her hot. Girls don't like that. You gotta say they are beautiful.

I'm glad the number one reason the 8 year old wants to stay at our school is because I'm the hottest chick ever.

And, another little guy walks up to me today and says, "I got a secwet for you and onwy you..." So I tell him how excited I am to hear his secret. He moves my hair aside (apparently I can't hear him when my hair is covering my ear...) and whispers says, "You awe so beuiful. I wove you dis much!" and holds out his arms.

Seriously, these little boys are going to make it pretty difficult for the next guy who comes into my life. He's going to have a lot to live up to: an engagement ring the size of an skating rink, whispering sweet nothings in my ear on a regular basis, and telling me I'm beautiful? I could get used to this.


About the girl: said...


littledaisymay said...

That's so cute! Your class always says the funniest things :)

Anonymous said...


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Lil' Woman said...

Aww how freakin cute! I want people to tell me I'm beautiful daily!

Sherrie said...

ROTFL that is hysterical.