Monday, February 1, 2010

Phonics, again..

Today's story brought to you by the j sound.


Me: Okay, word detectives.. let's see what we can find in this word. Any letters that are going together to say something different than they normally would?
New Dude: Hmmm.. b-a-d? That spells bad! Just like me!
Me: You're right New Dude, b-a-d does spell bad but those letters are all saying their own names. What else do we see, word detectives?
Little Man: dge.. it says j!
Me: You're right! Let's sound it out... bbbbb....aaaaaaaa.....j. Badge! Who can tell me someone who wears a badge to work?
Little Man: I know! (pauses... pauses some more...brain is working really hard... and I can tell he knows the answer) The po-po!
Me: The pope? No, he doesn't wear a badge.
New Dude: No, the po-po. The pigs. You know! The cops. They be fightin' people and shootin' 'em up, tellin' them they bad. They take away your license if you drivin' without one. They arrest you for drugs and breaking and entering.

I wonder when I'm going to think before I speak. Really? I thought he said the Pope? Because my kids are thinking about the Pope? Doubtful.


littledaisymay said...

SO funny!

Allison said...

good lord...

p.s. how's the vertigo?

Stephanie said...

"The po-po"! haha Great!

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...He fully went into description and all! : )