Saturday, October 4, 2008

Big Dog

I'm stealing this idea from The Pink Putter (a cute blog I stumbled upon the other day!) I hope she doesn't mind!
Hi! My name is Leila. My parents call me Big Dog so that I don't know when they are talking about me. When I'm not terrorizing my parents, I can be found sleeping lazily on the couch. I enjoy going for walks, playing outside, and chewing anything I can get my teeth on. My mom thinks I'm always the trouble maker between me and my sister, but really the little dog is and I just get blamed for it.
I love eating just about anything, even things that aren't food. Shoes used to be my favorite, but I saw how much that made my mommy mad so I stopped. Now I just enjoy eating paper, grass, leaves, and sticks. I don't like it when my Mommy tries to cuddle with me. I only cuddle on my own terms. I usually want to cuddle in the middle of the night when my parents are asleep. They usually kick me out of bed, though.

My sister is my best friend, even though she is a stinker sometimes. I enjoy playing with her and wrestling in the house. Sometimes we get in trouble together, especially when we play WWF on Mommy's bed early in the morning.

I'm the cutest black lab you'll ever meet!


the pink putter said...

What a beautiful lab! Aren't they the greatest dogs ever?

I'm flattered that you "stole" my idea : )

**My apologies if I posted twice. My internet connection is spotty right now and my first comment disappeared into cyberspace.