Friday, October 17, 2008

Wish List...

I'm in one of those moods..

So I thought I'd put my wish list up. Here are the things I'm wishing for...

1. A new wedding band. Mine has caused this nasty rash thing on my hand and I can't wear it.
2. A new school bag, preferably in black and white and with a pink monogram.
3. "Magic Pants" from Target.
4. My house to be clean. We're talking SPOTLESS. Shining.
5. Long, brown hair. I'm so tired of my short, mousy blonde hair. I want it brown. I have for years now..
6. My master's to be finished.
7. To have lost the 10 lbs. I'm hoping to lose.
8. Things to calm down at school, so I can stop stressing.
9. My cousin to move here.
10. My family to move here.

I'm sorry this is such a slacker blog post. I'm just not feeling it today.


Ashley said...

Are you going to get these things?

If so.. I have the magic pants, they are comfy

and get the school bag a LLBean. They are perfect

Sue said...

Ashley is nicer than me. Of the things on your list, there are a few only you can accomplish . . . want brown hair? Make it happen! OK, so maybe you can't grow it long overnight, but you can certainly change the color! I'd even make an appointment for you when you're home next time if you want to wait a few weeks! There are other things on your list, but I won't bore you with my thoughts . . . cuz I love ya!