Monday, October 20, 2008

A little of this..

... and a little of that.

The weekend seemed to fly by too fast, again. In between working on papers for grad class, trying to plan for the week, and securing a new project for my internship... I did not get much accomplished in any other areas of my life. I'm just having a hard time being so organized and planned at school that my home life seems to really lag behind. Any other teachers out there have suggestions? I'm just exhausted when I get home, so cleaning, cooking, and doing other things around the house just don't seem to get done.

Today in school I overheard a conversation between two of my students:
A fight was brewing between a little guy (who is a huge tattle-tale) and my little mini-me. Here's what tattle-tale said,"I'm telling Mrs. Italian-last name what you just did!"

Mini-me says, "Oh no you're not! That's not being respectful!" (um.. what?)

Tattle-tale thinks for a minute, "Well, you're not being respectful so I'm telling!"

Mini-me retorts with, "Fine go be a snitch, but don't you know ain't nobody like a snitch... once a snitch, always a snitch."

My mouth was wide open. But, they solved the problem on their own and tattle-tale did not want to be a snitch.

Annnnnnnd... I'm having such a hard time with weight watchers. Sometimes a girl just wants the juiciest, fattest, delicious cheeseburger. And some fries on the side.

Basically, I'm a whiner today. Sorry. I promise to bring you back to our normal programming just as soon as I figure this all out.


Jessis said...

You're allowed to whine and do what you want in your blog, but you are NOT allowed to tag it with FATTY. Take that off now please. Now.