Thursday, October 9, 2008


This? This is the greatest toy ever. What started out as a nice puppy chew toy almost three years ago is now a little two-inch piece of fabric.


Don't get me wrong, rawhide bones and other edible treats are much preferred by Big Dog and Little Dog, but this? This has been the reason for many a wrestling match in the living room. I have tried to throw this thing away many times. It just seems every time I remember that I should throw it away, it is hidden somewhere.

It's like it just keeps coming back to life.

Perhaps I shouldn't fight it. After all, we probably paid $8.99 for it two years ago AND it keeps the dogs quiet sometimes. Just like a pacifier.


the pink putter said...

I can't believe the toy lasted that long with a lab. Sunny manages to destroy any toy we buy within a couple of days.

Does Big Dog like to pick any and all toys up in her mouth and shake her head like crazy?

A Belle and her Beau said...

oh my word