Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Full Moon...

Today I looked FABULOUS in my cute gray dress with black trim, a black sash bow, gray tights, and cute, cute, cute boots. I was very impressed with my get-up. Hubby was, too.

I was totally cute until one of my little ones decided to run away at recess. Yes, a child with emotional/behavior issues ran away from me... and keep in mind that 5 year olds are much faster than their teacher running in boots and a dress.

The fantastic part? The wind gust at about 15 mph as I was reaching to grab him.

Yup, full moon. For the entire playground. Pretty sweet for me.


Monogrammed Teacher said...

Mine has totally done that too on the playground... full moon that is... I try to avoid dresses now just for that!

Ashley said...

oh no, that sucks.

I bet I know who the five year old was