Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Musings...

These are the pumpkins my kiddos decorated. I, of course, had images of cute little pumpkin faces smiling brightly. Instead, this is what I got. I think they are quite funny. And totally representative of my kids. Look at the color mixing going on here!
This one even has the stem decorated!

In other news, I lost again this week! I'm down a total of 4.5 pounds. Only 11.5 to go! Now, I'll be honest.. I wasn't very good about logging my points this week, but I really feel like I consciously made better choices. Take last night for example. We were out to eat at a pub (not my choice) with a friend of hubby's. Instead of scarfing down the cheeseburger like I wanted to. I asked hubby to split chicken tenders with me and my appetizer was a side salad. That was a healthy choice and caused me to eat less in the end.
We've been invited to a Halloween party on Friday and I haven't a clue what we're going to wear. Anyone out there have any suggestions?


Ashley said...

crap.. i'm so sorry I never texted back. I had a hard enough time coming up with my own costume =]

Do you want to be scary, dead or cute? That will help me with my ideas.