Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Lost?!

Somehow I managed to lose weight this week! This is even after I ate at a fondue restaurant, ate out the following night-- pasta? oops., and had a PotBelly's sandwich for lunch yesterday that was definitely 12 points.

I think even though I feel like I ate a lot, I did make some better choices. For example, yesterday when I was eating the 12 point sandwich, I nixed the mayo. This is huge. Normally I pile on the mayo. I didn't even notice it was missing when I ate the sandwich.

It may have helped that I walked about 5 miles yesterday while hubby was running his marathon. (Good job, babe! You did AWESOME!) It was hard work following him around!

Well, hopefully this week is more of the same. But I'm going to try harder this week... really. No more fondue all-you-can-eat nights. Seriously.


the pink putter said...

Congrats on losing weight! It's nice to have these unexpected losses sometimes, isn't it?

I'm pulling myself out of the food coma from Fall Break. Too much birthday cake and vacation eating this week! I'm back on the treadmill and healthy eating tomorrow.

Ashley said...