Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bad Blogger

I've been a bad blogger and for that I apologize.
In my defense, though, I was in Michigan visiting with the family and then I came home Monday night and went straight to the ER. Believe me when I say the ER is the worst place in the world when you're only half dying. To make a long story short, I had shortness of breath, EXTREMELY high blood pressure, and my resting heart rate put marathon runners to shame. Apparently I was having a panic attack that lasted quite a while. I've had a few panic attacks in my day (read: I take meds for this daily) and this just wasn't the same thing and I wasn't stressed. Apparently panic attacks can change up their MO. Because really, I need one more thing to stress over, right?
Oh well.
But seriously, there were quite a few times when I felt like the ER nurses and doctors left me to die. Apparently if you're not really dying... they don't care about you.
Note to self: No more panic attacks on a holiday because the ER is the only place open and all the weird ones come out of the woodwork on holidays.
And... one more thing. To the crazy man who was wandering around our neighborhood in only his undies and a jacket, knocking on doors? That's not cool. I'm glad the neighbors called the police and you were picked up. 4 AM is not a good time to play ding-dong-ditch in your undies.


Allison said...

I've only been to the ER once, and it was not pleasant...sorry to hear about your bad experience!!

LuLu said...

First of all...GET BETTER!!! A panic attack is unlike any other feeling in the world and unless you've had one, you don't understand! You think you are seriously dying.

Lil' Woman said...

Ugh, I hate ER's..I spent a St. Patty's there one year with a friend and had a paper due the next day...worst day of my life!

Nat said...

I used to work in an ER... unfortunately you never get direct constant attention from the nurses an docs unless you are dying. No matter what time of day they always sucks!
I used to get panic attacks when I was little and then they went away, I haven't had one in a few years but they are definitely different from when I was a kid. I have a lot of anxiety... ie if you want to lose your fingers sit next to me while my plane takes off.