Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Social Studies Lesson

We were doing a lesson today on needs and wants. Needs are things you must have in order to live. Wants are, obviously, things that you could live without but just want to have.

When asked to draw a picture of one need, one little guy drew a picture of me. When asked to explain his reasoning, he simply said "I can't live without Mrs. L, so it's a need." Um.. not quite what I was thinking.. but I couldn't convince him otherwise. He was adamant that he could not live without me.

When asked to draw a picture of a want, another little guy drew a female and a box with squiggles in it. I asked him to explain his picture and he said, "It's Mrs. L teaching me and a cage of snakes. I want Mrs. L to teach me forever and I want her to have a classroom snake as a pet. I want to see Mrs. L teach the snake." Um.. little guy? Mrs. L is not to keen on snakes.

Apparently in the eyes of 7 year olds I'm a need and a want. Can't live without me and don't want to live without me. Very nice. Glad to know I'm appreciated.