Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Why did "24" change the name of Metro stops in the episode last night? Weird.

I've never really watched anything or read anything that took place somewhere I was pretty familiar with until last night. It's annoying to me that they changed the name of the Metro stops in the show. There is no Washington Center. It's called Metro Center.

In school we're talking about jobs. I asked the kids to do a group writing experience about what they wanted for a job. Let me know which one you think does not belong.

When I grow up, I want to be:
a) a dolphin trainer
b) a worker at Wal-Mart
c) a killer
d) a firefighter

If you guessed c, you'd be correct! I'm pretty sure I'd better watch my back tomorrow. You should, too.


Kate said...

I don't usually watch 24 but for some reason I saw that scene and I was totally confused!

I am actually cracking up at B. But then I remember I used to dream of living in the attic of my childhood home as an adult.

Angela Darling said...

Well, I guess we can't all be doctors, can we? hehe. Oh my! Does killer come with benefits and vacation time?! I don't think so little buddy. hehe.