Saturday, May 30, 2009

Things I Cannot Stand...

Recently, it's come to my attention (from hubby) that I have a few strange things that I often comment that I cannot stand. I'm going to list them and then rationalize or attempt to explain why I cannot stand them.

  • People who fertilize their lawns. Please, do more to pollute the groundwater. After all, if I don't get poisoned by it, my children or grandchildren might. So thanks in advance for that.
  • People who drive slowly in the "fast lane". Come on. I want to travel faster than you are currently driving. Please get over. Now.
  • Drivers who have their music so loud that I can hear it in my car with my windows up. News flash! Not everyone shares your taste in music. I want to listen to the music playing on my radio, not the music you are blaring.
  • The man at Borders who always tells me I gave him the wrong number. He waits until I'm finished to start typing in the number. HELLO, dude.. if you wait until I'm finished rattling off the numbers, the higher YOUR chances become of screwing up the phone number. I'm not a complete moron. I know my freakin' phone number.
  • People who water their lawns. Allow me to explain... I think it's horrible to waste water, especially perfectly good drinking water. If you use rain water or run-off, I'm okay with your choice. I just cannot stand that people waste water to water their lawns. I would like to have something to drink in the future. Thanks. And yes, my parents fall into this category and they are VERY well aware of my stance on it.
  • Dog owners who do not pick up after their dogs in public places. HELLO! Dogs have business they do. Because you take them to an alternative location to do it, does not mean that you do not have to pick it up. There are children who run around in those public areas, then step in it, and then bring it to school and kindly ask their teacher to help them clean off their shoes. Thanks a lot, jerkface dog owner.
  • People who wash their cars in their driveway. This goes along with the people who fertilize and water their lawns... those chemicals? They lead to the storm drain. The storm drain then leads to the local water sources (in my case, the Chesapeake Bay) or into the ground water. Again, you're poisoning me. Thanks.

Whew. I feel better getting that off my chest. If I offended you in any of my items, don't take it personally... or change your habits. I kid, I kid. (Kind of)


Allison said...

You'd fit in pretty nicely in Germany.

It's illegal to drive slow in the left hand lane - and everyone abides by this rule.

You aren't allowed to wash your car in your driveway and you definitely aren't allowed to put chemicals on your lawn. They don't even sell weed-killer over here - you have to use a blow torch to burn your weeds. Seriously.

Allison said...

OH, and they have those little doggie-doo bag dispensers everywhere...along walking trails and such. :)

Lil' Woman said...

Luckily in our new neighborhood they have the dog doody bags posted along the street. :)

Lindsey said...

Doh, we just hired Tru Green to service our grass. I thought the water plant got all the bad stuff out?