Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I should not be left alone. With the absence of grad classes and the trillions of papers I always had to do... I have a bit of free time on my hands. Hubby is gone for the evening. This is never a good thing. I always come up with some crazy ideas. Once, I tore up the carpeting on the stairs without asking hubby. He was a little surprised when he came home. Another time? I dyed my hair. It turned orange. Then I tried to dye it a more natural color and it turned yellow. Not blonde. Yellow.

This time? I bought a wave maker blow dryer and new sunless tanning lotion. I now have crazy hair and a deep bronze shimmer to my body. Unfortunately, it's not quuuuuuuuuuite right. Streaks and wavy hair just don't mix.


Jessis said...

How much was the wave maker? You can just email me the info. Does it work with flat straight boring hair or do you have to have some volume to your hair to make it work?

Jessis said...

That sounded snotty ... "you can just email me with the info." I meant "can you email me and tell me about it please please please?"

I am tired and my brain is not working.

Mom said...

So . . . does this mean I won't recognize you at the airport tomorrow night? And. How does a blow dryer wave maker work? I'm old and not into the technology stuff, so I'll admit to confusion here!

Lil' Woman said...

lol...I giggled imagining what you look like.