Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Little Dog...

Dear Little Dog,

While I understand you don't really like the rain, I have a hard time understanding why it is you can't just run out into it, do your business and come right back in. Instead, you insist on crying for a moment or two, venture out into the rain, shake a few times, and then return to the patio to pee.

I know you're a girly-dog and I'm okay with that. We've all accepted that you don't really do anything normal dogs do, but this is above and beyond. Especially since we're in the middle of monsoon season around here.

I'm going to need you to "man-up" and go ahead and do your business in the grass. You are, after all, a dog. That is where dogs go. And.. when it comes to doing your daily number two, please don't hold it because that's when you get all gassy on me and then you have anal gland issues and the rest of us have to smell you.

So, here's to hoping you'll accept the rain and go do your business in the yard like normal dogs do. After all, your sister plays in the rain and enjoys it.

Is it because you have white fur and don't want to get it dirty? We can solve that problem very easily with a bath or the spray on cleaner because you are so opposed to actually getting a bath.

Your mother


Lil' Woman said...

lol..Mia is the same way...
she hates going out in the rain to go to the bathroom...she better get over it cause were coming on Hurricane season here in FL and she will just need to 'man up' as well.