Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi-- Coo?

Um.. hubby is trying to write a haiku right now as a joke to some friends.

Me: How long did it take you to figure out all of the syllables?
Hubby: The syllables?
Me: Yeah, you know.. there's a pattern to a haiku. It's like 5, 7, 5.. er, 3, 5, 3..
Hubby: How the heck did you know that?
Me: Um.. I'm a teacher, we know everything.
Hubby: I'm thinking you're the dork now, Haiku-girl.
Me: You're WRITING the haiku.

I think it's a toss up at this point. But I'm leaning slightly towards him because a) he's writing a freaking haiku (poetry, come on!) and b) he didn't know that there were rules for writing a haiku.

And.. he thinks today is just one syllable. I made him clap it out. Dork.


LuLu said...

That is SO funny...and yes, we teachers do know everything:)

Allison said...

you made him clap it out! hah! that is too funny. :)

Lindsey said...

That is so funny--- I still clap it out

Lil' Woman said...

Clap it too funny...I have something for you at my blog! :)