Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You found me how?

Um.. I've been doing a little checking up on my lovely readers. You know, just want to know how you're gettineg here. First of all, I have to thank Ms. Belle for sending so many readers my way! You rock! And.. 20-something? You're awesome, too.

Now for the strange ways ya'll are finding me...

  1. midlife crisis killing me you might want to talk to someone about that. Seriously.
  2. this is why I'm hot what? This old thing? Yeah.. that's why I'm hot.
  3. funny midlife crisis sleeping with 22 year old Hmm.. is the midlife crisis funny or is sleeping with the 22 year old funny? I'm confused.
  4. bear eat carrot dog eat poop? Oh no.. that's just my dog. What's up with the choppy sentence? cat eat broccoli? mouse make house?
  5. crisis marley yeah, that was a crisis. Tragic, actually.
  6. poop kid yeah, that's what they do
  7. puppy poop midlife crisis really? Is that all I talk about on here? puppies, poop, and midlife crisis? Eeks. And here I thought I was more classy than that.


Kate said...

These crack me up! I feel a little bad for the person google-ing "funny midlife crisis sleeping with 22 year old" though

Sarah said...

And I thought I had weird search terms show up for my blog. You win.

Anonymous said...

Awe, thanks. These crack me up! It really makes you wonder about people.