Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday...

Here's the drill... write a bunch of things you didn't (but actually did) do!

I most certainly did not do a little dance when I found out I could get a wireless connection while babysitting-- I mean, I'm supposed to be working on my paper. I'm totally more responsible than that.

Not me! Nope, not me! I did not avoid a co-worker today who I knew was having a bad day and just wanted to whine about her kids. I'm nicer than that. (No Kellie, it wasn't you!)

I most certainly do not get jealous every time I walk into the house I babysit in. I mean, just because it's perfect and everything I want my house to be, I wouldn't be jealous. Jealousy is a useless emotion.

I most certainly did not go and buy a pair of work out pants and a hoodie because I didn't feel like babysitting in my work clothes. I'm more responsible than that. (In my defense, I always come home with drool, spit up, or poop on me.. I don't want to ruin my work clothes)

No way! Not me... I did not stop working on my paper yesterday because I didn't think I liked the idea of finishing it before Wednesday. Procrastinator? Not me.

I most certainly did not take offense when my student patted my stomach and said, "I love squishing your tummy! It's SOOOOOO squishy!" I mean, really. He's 7.. he doesn't know I'm fat, right?

Nope! Not me. I didn't get winded carrying the 3 year old up two flights of stairs. I'm totally in better shape than that. Really.

Seriously, none of those were me. Honest.