Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today we wrote a little book about feelings. Writing about feelings for kids with severe emotional/behavioral problems is about like asking a blind person to see. It is very difficult.

However, my kids came up with, well.. just read for yourself.

I feel happy when.... "I am with Mrs. L", "I come to school" and "Mrs. L is happy"
I feel sad when... "Mrs. L moves my clip", "I leave school" and "I cannot play with Mrs. L"
I feel angry when..."Mrs. L doesn't come to school"

Seriously? These kids love me, don't they? I don't know why... I'm sometimes just plain moody. Of course, it's usually because someone screamed, "F*** You! I hate you!" at me. Then I'm the devil.

I am the center of their universe. Doesn't that just make you sad? Their parents should be the center of their universe, not their teacher.

I guess it's just because I'm that cool. (Hey, it's my blog- let me think what I want!)


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet. Those are the moments that make teaching worth while!

Sue said...

But it's so wonderful for your little ones that they have someone like you in their lives. Keep up the good work!! Besides, where would your blog stories be without them!

Scott said...

And modest too. ;-)

Sarah said...

I struggled with that a lot when I started in Early Childhood. I remember going home one day and talking to one of my roommates about feeling like I needed to be more like a parent than a teacher. My friend's usually a prety carrying guy but he just turned to me and said, "No. You aren't suppose to be a parent. Don't feel like that. It's not your job." It helped having someone say that to me straight out but I still struggled with the line between teacher and parent. It's nice but it sucks too.