Thursday, February 26, 2009

Say What?!

Today I was taking lunch count. The choices were: pork dippers, stuffed shells, and salad. What did I shout (because I have a really big mouth and it always sounds like I'm shouting..)

Poke Dickers.


Normally this wouldn't be a big deal when you're working with most 5 year olds. Except mine are a little ghetto. They know what that word means.

I had six little faces staring at me wondering why I said that word. Oops.

That right there will definitely secure my place in the top ten for Teacher of the Year.


Allison said...

you know they are all going to go home and tell their parents what their teacher said today :) heheh

too funny!

Lil' Woman said... really..they'll be running home..."Mommy. teacher says she's gonna poke dickers." lol

AmyWaWa said...

Holy crap! Best. Post. Ever.