Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Addition, my way...

3 hours outside + sun + fair skin = sunburn in March.

Now this wouldn't be strange if I lived, say, in Florida.. Aruba.. Hawaii. Someplace a little closer to the equator. Maryland? Weird.

So yeah, 3 hours in the sun today face painting and playing games for "Fun Day" at school really did give me a sunburn.

On a different note...Anyone watch American Idol? Lil Rounds? What was she wearing? If you have a booty (like I do) you do not wear tight things that only accentuate what your mama gave ya. I'm all about embracing your body and loving what you have. But please, ladies.. if you have a big booty, don't draw attention to it. Even my husband noticed. He's not even a butt guy.

I was too distracted by her booty to even think about her singing. Not good.


littlesack said...

Maryland is crazy like that. Just like tomorrow ill go running in my shorts and tonight ill sleep with me heated blanket on. wtf?