Saturday, March 28, 2009


While I really enjoy living with my husband and I LOVE married life, I miss having girlfriend time. Girlfriend time disappeared when I moved to Maryland with hubby. Of course, it's difficult to have girl time if you don't know any girls.

So, I must know.. for those of you who moved to a new place in your 20's, how did you make friends? I have a few friends here and there, but it's just SO hard finding friends. Any suggestions? Do I join a club? AND.. the other problem is finding girls who want friends. I've found a few girls around here, but they know a million people already and don't want to add friends to their group.

Seriously, I need friends before I begin talking to the dogs all night and taking them with me to get pedicures. I'm not sure the spa would like big dog sitting next to me in the pedicure chair. Just a hunch.


Kate said...

I wish you had come to the meetup :( I will try to let you know if the girls plan something in the next few weeks

Christina said...

I know exactly how you feel! When I moved to Los Angeles it took me almost a year to make friends and it's still not the same as the friends that I have back home.
I think that it just takes time.

Maybe taking a yoga or pilates class would help?

I even became friends with my hairstylist. It will get better, just give it some time :)

Lil' Woman said...

If I lived in Maryland I would def. be getting a pedi with you because boy do I need it!! :)

I agree with Christina, just give it time.

Kelly said...

That's a tough one. When we were living in Cali I had finally met a really good girlfriend (via Craigslist...don't judge!) and then we moved back to Georgia! I rely a lot on my husband- wives of his coworkers, I have met people through joining two tennis teams, and the girls in my grade level at work hang out every once and a while. Girlfriends are tough because it seems like everyone already has their own little click, but just be patient and put yourself out there! It may take some time but hopefully you'll find some special people ;)

Ashley said...

Hang out with me, but I know I live kinda far away.

I am moving closer to you though so hopefully we can get togeter a bit more.

Courtney said...

OK that's it. We're meeting and we're hanging out. :)

I feel EXACTLY the same way. I moved to MD from TX 4 years ago and that has been my biggest complaint!

It seems like all the clubs I've joined and things I've done to find new girlfriends has landed me a bunch of new friends... in DC.

Still feeling lonely and missing having a girlfriend much closer. So yeah, we need to bite the bullet and meet up. :)