Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still here..

... but barely.

I'm bogged down with papers, projects, and planning. Seriously, why on Earth did I think I should take two classes in my first year at a new school? To add to it, I just got a SMARTBoard in my classroom so all I want to do is make fun, creative lessons using it.

And.. I'm pretty sure I have spring fever. You know, don't want to do anything that doesn't involve being outside or driving around with the windows down in the car. I am in love with wearing my sunglasses, peep-toe shoes, and anything other than sweaters.

Still suffering from the post-weekend wipe out. I'm thinking I stayed up too late all weekend add that to the time change and I'm just a mess. It doesn't help that I drive to work in the dark.

I know this is kind of a whiny post.. but it's my blog and I'll do as I please.


D said...

You're going to absolutely love the Smart Board! It's amazing all of the things that you can do!

Kelly said...

Oh! I am so jealous! I have been on the waiting list for one of those for two years!! They seem to have forgotten I went to training and used a Smart Board my entire time in college and promised it to someone else who has no experience instead =(

I'm right with you on the spring fever. Only 46 more days here...can't come soon enough!