Monday, March 16, 2009

Perfect Strangers...

... are coming to my house. Tonight.

Let me explain.. a while back hubby and I decided to put our couch up for sale on craigslist. We LOVE the couch but it's just too big for our house. We waited and waited.. and nobody wanted to buy our couch.

So we re-posted it a few weeks later and we have someone coming over to look at the house tonight. As in.. an hour from now.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem. Except we were out of town last weekend and the weekend before that. The weekend before that? I was busy working like a mad woman on grad papers. That means my house hasn't really been cleaned in like three weeks (don't you judge me!). And? I'm babysitting. I won't get home until at least 9:00. They are expected to be at our house at 9:30.

I'm hoping hubby knows how to run the vacuum. On second thought, I better just take my anxiety pills now and avoid the panic attack. I'm sure he doesn't know how to run it. At least not up to my standards. Just kidding, honey. I love you.

Is it sad that I'm worried that they will judge me and not if they are going to be crazy masked murderers trying to kill me? Nah.


Kelly said...

When we lived in CA I sold almost everything we owned via Craigslist before packing up the rest and moving across country! I was always paranoid before the people came by but I am sure the only thing they cared about is if I would knock off an extra $50 off such and such piece of furniture!!

Deb said...

That couch has seen a lot of miles. I am sure it remembers the road trip to Baltimore and the weight it needed to lose to get into your apartment. Oh yeah, not only did it move in, it had to move out. I think at that time if the couch could talk it would have called us all sons of _itches. Then we had to move it into the house it currently is in, now. Have you told the couch that is being moved again. Hopefully it will find a home that has wide doors, so it can fit it's backside in. We will all miss that couch, but we always will hold the fond memories of that great couch.