Monday, March 9, 2009

An Open Letter..

Dear Small-town, MI Airport Security,

Let me tell you why I think you're obnoxious. First of all, it's common courtesy to reply when someone asks you, "how are you?!". While I was able to forgive you for that, I had a hard time when you politely rudely asked me to pay attention to you while your co-worker was talking to me. And that snide little, "This is a serious security issue!" when you got mad about my contact solution? Yup, that wasn't very nice either. The last straw, though, was when you told me that I needed to follow airport security procedures or I could risk being detained.

Let me explain to you what I think happened. I think you were a little jealous that the co-worker you were flirting with just moments prior to my arrival happened to pay a little attention to moi. Then, when you clearly realized that I had made a "security breach" (seriously? I had ALL of my liquids in a baggie except a chapstick and a juice box I had NO idea was in my bag) you felt like rubbing it in my face. I'm pretty sure that chapstick and juice box were going to start a fight or something.


P.S.- The contact solution was clearly labeled TSA compliant with a little airplane on it and the TSA logo.. so I'm pretty sure you can shove it, missy.

P.S.S.- I know I'm probably going to upset a few readers with my snarky remarks about airport security, but the plane literally had 17 people on it and it was going to be in the air for 26 minutes.


Allison said...

I'm sure you probably looked like a dangerous terrorist who was planning to construct an elaborate bomb with your lip gloss and contact solution. :) Next time you should maybe not wear a turban...

Sue said...

But please remember that the AZXO airport is probably a hot-bed for terrorist activity. NOT! I agree - the ladies were pretty snarky - think they were just jealous that (1) you were gorgeous (remember the cut, color, eyebrow wax things), (2) you obviously had wonderful family support with both moms ready to cry as you were leaving, and (3) the lone male security guy was trying to be nice to you as he, too, recognized his co-workers were being b*tches!!

Lil' Woman said...

Ugh airplane security irk me sometimes..I usually just dont bring liquids so I dont have too deal with them

ReRe said...

you gotta watch out for that contact solution -- i've seen it take down a 747 before. :)

Amanda Joy said...


Stumbled upon your blog.. cute!

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Sarah said...

I HATE security check points. I go through airports in my wheelchair and that's a whole other experience. I understand the strictness but really sometimes it's all just un-needed stress & the officers DO NOT help.